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In November 2012 Direct Earth Electrical was approached by Napier City Council to undertake the first of many installations of automated Active school warning signs.

Active school warning signs on roads near schools are intended to meet the following objectives:

  • [icon name=icon-check] Provide a safer environment outside schools during times of peak school activity
  • [icon name=icon-check] Reinforce driver expectation of the likely presence of children
  • [icon name=icon-check] Reinforce driver awareness of a school where the visibility of the school or its entrance is limited
  • [icon name=icon-check] Encourage active modes of travel (walking and cycling) to school

The results upon installation demonstrated strong community support for the signs, reduction in speeds at ‘high’ speed sites and an increase in motorists’ awareness of the signs. Roads around schools are often perceived as dangerous for children due to high traffic speeds, manoeuvring vehicles, parked vehicles and other features which restrict a driver’s visibility.

Often there can be a mixture of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers using the same road. In particular, the risk at the beginning and end of the school day is seen as much greater than during other periods of the day and there is a need to manage and minimise this risk. One disadvantage of any permanently displayed sign is drivers tend to ignore it or fail to see it, particularly if they pass the same sign regularly without requiring any action in response to it. Active signs incorporate flashing lights and/or lit (LED) components which are displayed only when relevant. Introduction of these types of signs heighten the visibility of these signs compared with standard (non-flashing) warning signs thereby enhancing driver awareness of the risk.

Since that initial installation Direct Earth Electrical has installed signs in the following schools; Maraenui Primary School, Nelson Park Primary school, Tamatea Primary School, Tamatea Intermediate school, Taradale Primary School, Marewa Primary School, Sacred Heart Girls College, and Eskdale Primary School .

Napier City Council and Direct Earth Electrical are pleased to confirm that reduced speeds and greater driver awareness have been observed as a result of these installations.

For further information about these signs please feel free to contact us.

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