Direct Earth Electrical | Iway Cycle Signs

In conjunction with the Iway project which includes council interaction along with NZTA, Direct Earth Electrical has continued to become the recognised go to company for any electronic warning signs used to make drivers aware of the fact that pedestrians and cyclists are in the vicinity.

Two main areas that these signs have been implemented are the Tuki Tuki Bridge and the Waitangi Washout Bridge. Both these sites utilised standard inductive loops designed to pick up the metal frames of bikes along with a backup of a push button system that is easily activated with the cyclist been able to activate the signs whilst still on their bikes. With the integration of both systems, a sure fire safety system was installed.

A slightly different system is maintained by Direct Earth Electrical in Ruahapia Road, Hastings utilising the latest technology of optical sensors which pick up riders and pedestrian activity then activate the signs warning motorists.

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